Kids Show Off LEGO Masterpieces at the Fargo Public Library

More than 50 kids at the Fargo Public Library show off their competitive sides with LEGO designs.

For the sixth year in a row, the library hosted its annual LEGO Mania Design Contest for kids.

The contest features kids ages four to 12 who bring their LEGO masterpieces to the library and display them for the judges.

The designs are judged on a variety of things including creativity, color and originality.

Organizers say each year they are amazed at how the creativity seems to bloom and the designs get better every year.

“Some of their creations are really impressive, and I wouldn’t blame them if they didn’t take them apart, even the smallest ones can be very intricate. So it’s a lot of fun to see each year what they come up with,” said Fargo Children Librarian Cindy Mason.
The library will also be hosting its first teen and adult LEGO contest this Sunday starting at 2p.m.

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