Shocking, But Don’t Call it Ugly! KVRR’s Year In Review Part III

We continue with our KVRR year in review.

From scandal to innovation, this past year we’ve seen it all.

Tonight we’ll refresh your memory as we take a look at KVRR’s top stories from July through September.

Sights you can’t see anywhere else, and advancement gathering attention from across the country.

All home to no other place than the Red River Valley.

“Pretty unique say you don’t see a church coming down the road every day.”

It was an exciting year for Bonanzaville, when the town welcomed a “new” old church from Christine, N.D.

The church made the 30 mile trek to replace the St. John’s Lutheran church, a historic church heavily damaged by fire.

But unfortunately it wasn’t just a year of jubilation.

Chris Hampton was accused of shooting and killing his cousin in his Fargo home.

It was a heated trial that left a jury unsure of what really happened. Hampton said his cousin was trying to poison him and a mistrial was declared.

But it seems guilt got the best of him and Hampton later pled guilty.

A jury left with questions, but a family finally with some answers.

“Daughter of Florence she said her mother was notorious for not wearing her seat belt so I would say if that’s the case then she was probably ejected out of the vehicle,” says Grand Forks Sheriff Bob Rost.

82–year–old Florence Dumontet of Ardoch went missing four years ago but it wasn’t until a couple of hikers in Idaho found an artificial knee with a serial number that was traced back to Dumontet.

Her remains have finally found rest.

It was a groundbreaking year for both states of the Red River Valley.

In Minnesota, many patients celebrated as medical marijuana was made legal.

And North Dakota was the first state in the county to make law enforcement use of armed drones legal.

And who can forget when the ugliest county in America proved to be the nicest.

“I didn’t know if there would be a barricade at the county line not letting me past or whatever but there was nothing like that,” says Washington Post Reporter, Chris Ingraham.

The Washington Post Reporter had dubbed Red Lake County the ugliest in the nation.

But when he took a look for himself, he realized the beauty of the people was the county’s more striking feature.

“I really feel like the people here make it special.”

Among innovation and heartbreak, questions and answers one thing is for sure: special is what the area remains all thanks to the people who make it that way.

The KVRR year in review is coming to an end.

Tomorrow we will wrap up our top stories of 2015 when we look at October through December.

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