Thin Ice: Detroit Lakes Ice Anglers Mild About the Season?

Two fishermen from Wisconsin died after falling through thin ice last week.

Now anglers in the Detroit Lakes area say they are staying cautious.

There were a couple of anglers out on Detroit Lakes but not as many as past years.

Many anglers are limiting their time on the ice due to the warmer than average temperatures.

“It is most mild. It varies out there from 11″ to 7″ in spots,” says Detroit Lakes angler, Ronald Byer.

Detroit Lake needs a lot more snow and colder temperatures before it can build up enough ice for people to start driving their vehicles on it.

Those fishing say there is enough ice for people to comfortably drive their four–wheelers on it.

From what I saw, there was one person testing their luck.

“Yea, I wouldn’t drive necessarily on them. I see people driving out here now but I like to see a few more driving before I do,” says Detroit Lakes angler, Brad Morgan.

This seasoned fisherman advises to take the extra precaution rather than take the chance of slipping through ice.

“I don’t think there should be any regulations or anything. It’s just kind of common sense. Drill some holes before you go out and check the ice,” says Morgan.

Even with the season getting a late start, many would rather wait for more ideal conditions.

“There’d be a lot more houses out here right now if it was a lot colder and thicker ice.”says Detroit Lakes man, Mort Mortenson.

Despite the warm temperatures, fishermen are still out on Detroit Lake enjoying what ice they do have.

“Any day you catch a fish is a good day but yeah, it’s pretty slow,” says Mortenson.

Mortenson has been out on the lake since sunrise hoping to catch Walleyes or Crappies.

But he says, so far, only northern pikes are biting.

His ice house stands over a thickness of 7″ of ice, enough for ice fishing… but not enough to hitch the house onto his truck to get a better spot.

“It’s been a little iffy. I’ve been fishing; the house has been out here for a week. And I just come out with a four wheeler. Not too bad I guess,” says Mortenson.

Anglers are making the best of season but many are taking the extra steps to be safe around thin ice.

Another tip seasoned anglers say is to make sure the lake is completely frozen and there isn’t any open water left.

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