Clay County Law Enforcement: Asking You…to be Blue!

The men and women who protect and serve our community everyday have been in the spotlight lately and not in the most positive way.
But everyone is being asked to wear blue on Friday in Clay County to recognize officers.

It’s no question the role of police have been scrutinized and that’s why Clay County Joint Powers is calling on students, families and employees in Clay County area schools to show their support by wearing blue this Friday.

It’s all part of the National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, to recognize the men and women who serve our community.
Valerie Kellen knows firsthand that a little act of kindness can go a long way.
“You know we’ll get random letters every once in a while thanking us for serving the community it doesn’t seem like that would be a lot but it does since there are so many negative things out there its really good to hear positive things every once in a while,” says Horizon Middle School Resource Officer, Valerie Kellen.
And that’s exactly why Clay County Joint Powers wants all students, families and employees to wear blue.
“It’s not really something nationwide that is happening so for us to have such a great presence with our law enforcement it’s really important for us to say thanks,” says Clay County Commissioner, Jenny Mongeau.
It’s a simple act. But for Moorhead Superintendent Dr. Kovash, she says respecting law enforcement stems from a young age.
“Being in the schools students know them with the Dare program. Students know that there are people that are resources. People that are there to support them,” says Moorhead Superintendent, Lynne Kovash.
“I think it’s important to as adults show the children we are supporting the law enforcement presence here,” says Mongeau.
“Wearing blue isn’t just to support our officers but also to say thanks.”
“It’s disheartening when you see people not supportive of law enforcement when the majority or law enforcement officers are out there trying to do a good job and serve their communities,” says Kellen.
And Clay County wants to make sure support is what these officers feel.
“It’s everything and it’s what we want in our community. What kind of a  community do we want,” says Dr. Kovash.
Mongeau says you don’t just have to wear blue to show your support.

She suggests changing your social media profile or simply writing a letter to the police officers that serve your area.

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