Easy & Open for Kids to Adults: Read Books, Win Prizes!

Need a little incentive to get reading? The Fargo Public Library has you covered.
The library kicks off its annual Read-A-Thon.

Book logs are available for children, teens and adults, and make sure you fill them out because prizes will be raffled off for all ages.

The library holds the Read-A-Thon every year to encourage people of all ages to open a book and read.

“Especially after the holidays you’ve gotten all those good books. Or a new kindle, or new nook and you can read stuff on a device and so it’s just a way to kind of have some fun with the months that might be kind of dreary otherwise,” says Children’s Services Coordinator, Amber Emery.
If you’re in it for a prize, all book logs must be handed in by Sunday February 28th.

Prizes include gas cards, gift cards and tickets to this year’s Shakespeare Fest.

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