WEB VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: One Injured in Broadway Car Crash

Police say one woman was taken to the hospital after rear-ending one car, crashing into another and hitting an emergency siren pole.

The emergency siren was completely detached from the pole.

The accident happened just before 9pm.

Witnesses say they saw the white van roll before coming to a stop right side up, however police say they have not yet determined if that happened.

The driver of the white van was trapped but rescue workers were able to free her quickly.

Police say people in the car the woman rear-ended were not hurt.

Listen to Fargo police talk about the accident:

“What we have right now is we have an adult female that was northbound on Broadway, approaching 19th Avenue. She rear-ended a vehicle just south of that intersection, went around that vehicle, and then it appears as though she hit a pole, and from that pole, she hit another parked vehicle. Witnesses have stated that the vehicle had rolled but we have no confirmation of that at this point. The female adult driver was the only person injured in it and was taken to the hospital for her injuries that don’t appear to be life threatening.”

We will have more on the accident as it becomes available.

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