Local High School Hockey Players Put Their Lives on Thin Ice with Social Media Stunt

Some players on the Fargo South/Shanley High School hockey team put themselves in a dangerous situation.

A video showing a player engaging in a risky stunt was recorded in a hotel while the team was playing in a tournament in Rochester last week.

You may have heard of social media stunts like the ice water bucket challenge and the cinnamon challenge.

Posting stunts online is a trend that young people are engaging in, but many don’t realize the potential dangers.
Fargo South High School Assistant Principal Mike Beaton was notified after some of the team’s hockey players posted a Snapchat video performing a risky stunt called “The Knock Out.”

Snapchat is a video messaging APP that allows users to send videos and pictures that can only be seen for a short period of time before erasing.

We asked one high school student just what the “Knock Out Challenge” means.
“You close your eyes, and your nose, and someone counts down and then someone presses on your chest, and then you know…pass out I guess,” said high school student Connor Marum.
He says “The Knock Out” is one of many trending challenges that he’s seen his peers engage in.
“Just another way people like to try to show their dangerous or something,” said Connor
Asst. Principal Beaton says he was shown the video shortly after it was put up.
“It doesn’t show the whole situation but what was observed was a kid basically passing out,” said Fargo South Assistant Principal Mike Beaton.
No one was hurt during the stunt, but Beaton says one thing is for sure.
Moving forward Beaton says education will be key in helping students realize the negative consequences of social media.
“Part of our responsibility is to educate, kids and right now social media is a large part of their lives, and we want to continue to educate them with some of the safety concerns involving social media,” said Beaton.

Parents from the team were notified about what happened, and encouraged to talk to their kids about the risk involved with imitating stunts.

School officials say educating and talking to your kids is the best way to prevent the worse from happening.

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