Pizza Wars! Are Local Restaurants Affected by Big Chain Price Cuts?

Major pizza chains are at war, slashing prices in a bid to serve you your next slice.

But it’s smaller, local pizza joints that say they might have sparked the price drop.

For pizza fans and pizza makers in the valley, slicing the price of a slice isn’t necessarily their main goal.

But sometimes, a cheap pizza hits the spot.

“Sunday afternoon football game at home, we’ll call one of the delivery places,” says pizza fan Paul Speral.

But when the Speral family wants a quality pie, they come here to Blackbird Woodfire pizza.

Paul says, “If we’re gonna come downtown, come after church or something, we’d come here before we get a cheap pizza.”

National pizza chains are hoping people like the Sperals reconsider.

Pizza Hut is now offering five dollar pizzas with the purchase of another item.

Papa John’s is offering a buy oneā€“get one for $.50 deal.

Spicy Pie Marketing Manager Mary Brown says, “It’s really difficult to compete with those big chains and how cheap they can do their pricing.”

Places like Spicy Pie and Blackbird Woodfire say they notice what the big boys do, but they stay their own course.

“The amount of care we put into it. The local product. I think it all makes a big difference,” says Casey Absey with Blackbird. “It all adds up to a better product.”

Pizza fans we talked to say it doesn’t matter how low the price goes at national chains. Cheap pizza is cheap pizza, and they prefer quality.

“Cheap food., cheap taste, cheap flavor,” says Spicy Pie fan Colleen Lee. “I’d rather spend a little more and get what I want.”

Quality, not quantity, is what local pizza makers hang their hat on.

“We’re not trying to sell 100,000 pizzas a year,” Absey adds. “We’re just trying to make every pizza as good as we can.”

While the national chains can play limbo, seeing how low their prices can go, local restaurants, and their fans, keep doing their own thing

“We don’t all have to fit in the same box,” says Paul Speral

The same pizza box?

“There you go.”

It appears that there’s enough of an appetite for pizza that restaurants of all sizes can get a piece of the pie.

Two of the big three national chains., Domino’s and Papa John’s, saw sales increases last year.

So did local joints like Blackbird Woodfire Pizza.

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