Why West Fargo School Says $1.1 Million is Not Enough

West Fargo Schools received a large portion of a $5.4 million enrollment growth grant from the state, which the district will use the money for daily expenses.

The recent bond measure passed only provides funds to help construct new buildings and can’t be used to help with the day to day cost of running the schools.

The school board is also weighing options such as reducing the amount of property tax relief given back to homeowners.

Despite the infusion of cash, the school district says it isn’t all they need.

“We got $1.148 million.  If we were being paid for every student we had to staff for and educate this year, we would have gotten $4.3 million,” said West Fargo Schools Superintendent Dr. David Flowers.

Flowers also said that the state’s rapid growth has outpaced available funds.

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