Fargo Outpacing National Average When it Comes to Car Sales

Americans are driving more new cars off the lot than ever before.

Sales shot up six percent nationwide in 2015.

But sales here in Fargo are growing even faster than that.

Sales are up around ten percent at some Fargo dealers.
Harvey Christianson is the proud owner of a brand new Cadillac Escalade.
He explains, “Well the wife figured it was about time to get a different one.”
His Escalade joins the 17.5 million new cars that rolled off lots in 2015, an all time record.

Dealers at Gateway Chevy helped more than 1,200 cars find a home last year. They’re not stopping in the new year.
Jeremy Jenson, a salesman at Gateway, adds, “2016 does look promising.”
What’s the biggest reason for the sales increase?
“Fuel prices,” says Jenson.
Car dealers say gas prices always have an impact on what cars people are buying. When prices are high, they’re looking for cars with better gas mileage. But now when prices are low, people are looking for bigger vehicles like pickups and SUV’s.
“Pickups,” Jenson adds. “Our Chevy Silverado is still our top seller.”
When gas prices are cheap…amd they’re less than $1.70 a gallon in Fargo…someone who’s been looking for an excuse to pull the trigger is more likely to finally buy.
“It was the time,” Christianson says. “No reason. You get the fever to buy.”
It’s a fever that sets in quickly when gas prices drop, and goes away just as fast when they rise.
“It’s usually within a one week time period that we see the effects of it, either positive or negative,” Jenson adds.
But for now, buyers are looking for any reason to have the shiniest and newest, vehicle on the block.
“This has got massage seats in it,” Christianson boasts. “A refrigerator in it. TV. All kinds of stuff.”
Most forecasts say more than 18 million cars will be sold in the U.S. this year, which would break last year’s record.

One car that’s expected to be popular this year in Fargo, especially come spring, is the Chevy Corvette.

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