Flu Season Could Turn Ugly

It’s been a mild flu season so far, but the Centers for Disease Control is warning that the bug could become a big problem in the next couple months.
Flu cases this season have paled in comparison to last year.

In Minnesota, fewer than 40 people had been hospitalized by the flu through December, down from more than 500 the previous year.

But experts predict more flu cases will strike.

Flu season typically peaks in February.

In Fargo, public health officials are warning people prepare with a flu shot.

This year’s shot has proven effective against common flu strains.

“There’s so far been 17 or so cases in Cass County as of last week, so not huge numbers, but that could change rapidly as well,” says Desi Fleming, Director of Nursing for Fargo Cass Public Health.
Fargo Cass Public Health says the flu vaccine is still available, and that there’s still time to schedule getting a shot before flu season peaks.

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