Olympic Trial Pool Will Soon Call West Fargo Home

A local swimming group has been in need of a new pool for years, and it will soon be getting the best of the best.

Swimmers in West Fargo will soon be able to dive into a pool built for some of the best swimmers in the nation.

Local swim non-profit UP Aquatics has purchased the 2016 Omaha’s U.S. Olympic Trials competition pool that will soon call West Fargo Home.
“A pool that Olympic qualifiers people qualifying for the Olympics will be swimming in next summer will be right back here as were stand here within two years,” said Mark Knutson of UP Aquatics.
The pool will be built into the CenturyLink Center in Omaha Nebraska for trials starting June 26 through July 3.

When trials end, it will then be broken down, and moved to West Fargo.
It’s right here behind the L.E. Berger swimming pool that the Olympic trial Competition pool will be rebuilt and placed.
Sally Richardson and her husband Eric both coach West Fargo swim teams.

She says the big news still hasn’t fully sunk in.
“I think the younger swimmers haven’t quite figured out now huge this is we’re going to have the best pool in the Midwest were going to have the Olympic trials pool,” said Sally Richardson West Fargo Swim Coach.
She says having the new pool will attract more competitive swim meets to West Fargo, and help create more passion for the sport.
“Building the passion; obviously my husband and I have a passion and the swimmers who are already here. To be able to swim in L.E. Berger you have to have passion for swimming,” said Sally.
A passion that Swimmers in West Fargo will be able to dive into by mid-2017.
Up Aquatics members say November’s bond referendum also helped make the project possible.

Voters agreed to fund a new $18.5 million competitive pool facility.

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