Chilly Weather Not Enough To Scare Fargo Native

Chilly temperatures are in store for our upcoming forecast.

This will be the first time in the season that high temperature is below zero.

Most would say we had a pretty good run of mild weather so far into the winter.

Now, a round of Arctic air will be hitting the Red River Valley, giving us our first major blast of cold of the season.

“We’ve been so fortunate this part of the country to have such good weather and I think this is just the season we have been getting ready for,” says Fargo woman Evelyn Quigley.

Say goodbye to the warm weather and hello to the cold spell.

Temperatures will be plummeting this weekend down way below zero.

“I might go get some groceries or something,” says Fargo man, Wayne Norman. “Other than that I probably wouldn’t go outside.”

With the unusually warm weather, you can say that some will be adjusting to the frigid forecast by staying inside and binging on Netflix.

Norman adds, “Usually I’m tired from work so I sit down and watch some TV, go to bed and go back to work the next day.”

The low temperatures will have many staying warm indoors but one lady says it’s not enough to bring her down.

Quigley adds, “This is not new for us in this part of the country. Nor is it new in other parts of the country. I think that many times it’s viewed as the only place in the United States where it’s cold.”

To Quigley, this is just the way of life out in the Northern States.

Her and her husband will be still going about with their daily lives.

A few days of the high being below zero can’t break this Fargo native’s spirit.

Quigley says, “Well mostly we’re out doing walking and of course going places to see friends. So we’re not going to be just at home.”

The last time the metro experienced frosty digit was February of 2015 with a high of -5.

This cold spell is expected to last for the next week or two.

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