Bobcat-Doosan Honored by the American Heart Association

The American Heart Association has recognized eight companies from across the state for their dedication to helping employees eat better and move more.

One of the businesses recognized was Bobcat-Doosan in Fargo.

Officials at Bobcat-Doosan say it’s kind of like the old saying…happy wife happy life.

They say investing in their employee’s overall health and wellness has created an overall better working environment.

The company is currently undergoing renovations so that it can be more employee centered adding things like more open work spaces, and standing desks.

It has even invested in free employee wellness checks.
“Laughing and joking, and having fun when their having their blood pressure, weight, and their cholesterol right, but it gives people something in common, how are we going to overcome challenges that we might have, and how are we going to help each other, so from that running groups have started, biking groups have started,” says Laura Ness Owens, Director of Marketing.
Employees say the after work biking and running groups have helped bring unity.
“Just to keep people active we do only have a short period of time in Fargo to enjoy the outdoors so it’s nice to be able to have little things after work like that even if it’s just one or two days out of the week, and really the comradery with coworkers is really fun as well,” says employee Tyler Zima.
Swanson Health Products in Fargo was also recognized as one of the American Heart Association’s fit friendly work sites.

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