Winter Car Tips: Keeping Your Car Healthy in Low Temps

The below zero temperatures have left many cars on the side of the road.

Mechanics at I-29 Automotive Service and Towing say to avoid your car being stuck, there are three things that are good to know.

Maintaining and checking your battery will prevent your car from needing a jump-start.

To prevent unexpected stalling they say it’s best to warm up your car for at least 15-minutes.

“Oil is a big thing as it breaks down, and gets colder. You’ll get a lot of idle time on it. Use Synthetic oil or synthetic blended oil, because it makes the motor turn over freer. Doesn’t take a lot out of the battery, a lot out of the starter,” said Steve Hall Owner I-29 Auto Service and Towing.
Hall says over the weekend his company towed more than 60 vehicles.

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