Credit Card Chip Security has Scammers Targeting You

More and more credit cards are coming with fraud resistant chips in them, but that isn’t stopping people from trying to take your money.
The newest way crooks are trying to steal from you, is actually a throwback to older scams.
The new chips are an extra layer of fraud protection.

Now, scammers are looking to get credit card information from the card holder instead of the card itself.

They’re sending emails, disguised to look like they’re coming from your bank or credit union, asking for you to respond with your credit card info.

It’s the same concept as an email claiming a foreign price will give you millions if you provide your bank account number.

The folks at Central Minnesota Credit Union say no bank or credit union would ask for personal or account info through email.
“We occasionally will get a member who will call and ask questions,” says Michael Edenborg with Central Minnesota Credit Union. “We always welcome those calls. If in doubt, give us a call. We’ll be happy, we’re much happier to answer those questions, rather than to have a member fall to a scam.”

Scammers can not only use your credit card if you email them any information, they can steal your entire identity.

If you get a scam email, don’t even click on any links in the email.

Doing so could install dangerous malware that could let scammers into your computer.

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