National Magazine Ranks Minnesota the Second Strongest State in the Country

Politico Magazine ranks Minnesota as the second strongest state in the nation.

It is part of the magazine’s annual State of the States list.

The magazine took into account 14 different economic and public health statistics in order to find out which “state of the union” is most strong.

The ranking is based on the idea that education, health, and wealth make us better off, while crime, unemployment and death do not.

Representative Paul Marquart explains the source of its strength.

“The state has always had as its top priorities and that is an excellent education system, a strong workforce, and a diverse economy.  I think these are the types of things that make for a strong state,” said Marquart.

Minnesota was second in the nation in high school graduation rate, life expectancy, and home ownership – all contributing to its strength.

Minnesota also found a solution to promote home ownership and strong schools that puts less emphasis on property taxes.

“We have a little different system.  We fund as much as we can through the state.  In fact, it’s a formula where if you’re a poorer district, you’ll receive more state aid,” added Marquart.

And the effects of Minnesota’s strength have been easy to spot by its residents and by those who work in it.

“There’s definitely more parks, more places to bike around just in general.  I think the sense of community and businesses and small businesses here are together.  I think just mentally and physically they are very good,” said Erin Carico, a florist at Country Greenery in Moorhead.

Politico Magazine averaged the 14 individual rankings to calculate the overall standings.

The magazine ranks North Dakota 20th overall, however, it lists the state as leading the nation in lowest unemployment rate at 2.7percent.

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