South Fargo is Growing! What You Can Expect to See in the Months Ahead

You may have noticed a lot of new buildings going up along 52nd Avenue South in Fargo.

Fargo Planning and Development says last year was one of their busiest.
“2015 has been a record year with building permits and construction,” said Nicole Crutchfield, Fargo Planning Administrator.
Crutchfield says many developers are starting the construction process.

In South Fargo specifically, she says a majority of the permits are services being built to accommodate the growing residential area.
“The development that’s been happening are probably what we would consider more small retail, fast food, daycare services.” said Crutchfield.
The owner of Image Medi Spa says one of the exciting parts of the growing area is the mystery behind the development.
“One of neat things that is very exciting is to see ‘what’s next?’ What’s the next business that’s going to pop up? We don’t know,” said business owner Mark Hoff.
Business owners like Mark say the growing South Fargo area is ultimately a good thing, but he still has some concerns.
“What I’m most worried about is how did they plan for development,” said Mark.
He says parking and street congestion has already become an issue.

Especially during school drop off and pick up hours with Shanley and Davies both close by.
“Certainly those are areas that we are concerned about. Are there any plans for the future, or how are they going to manage the traffic flow in the area with all the development?” said Mark.
Fargo Planning and Development says more than 80 new commercial building permits were issued in 2015.

Commercial permits issued in 2015 had a value of $60 million, with the most being $5 million for a warehouse.

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