Elementary Ice Skating Races Cancelled Due to Frigid Temps

A 33-year-old Fargo tradition is put on hold, thanks to Mother Nature.
Every year, students from Clara Barton and Hawthorn Elementary Schools race on the ice.

But this year, the race was cancelled for the first time.

It was just too cold.

Wind chills dipped below -15, which is the cutoff point to keep kids inside.

But fear not.

The schools will try to rescheduled the races.

Clara Barton Principal Rebecca Folden says, “We will look at our scheduled and definitely plan to reschedule. We’re hoping that we can do it within the next few weeks. There’s kind of that time frame where all of a sudden it starts to melt again, so we’re hoping we can schedule it soon.”
The schools say the biggest challenge in rescheduling is finding a day where both schools are free to hold the race again.

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