Canine Influenza: How to Protect your Pet

The dog flu is making headlines, after a possible outbreak is sickening dogs near Seattle.

Dog lovers are on high alert in Fargo–Moorhead, doing everything they can to ensure their furry friends stay healthy.

Keeping dogs safe is full–time work and if your pet does get sick, there are still ways to combat the canine flu.

It’s not all fetching and fun for the folks at Doggy Depot.

In order to host more than 100 dogs, there needs to be a lot of bleach and cleaner too.

“There’s a lot of cleaning involved,” says Becky Black with Doggy Depot. “It’s just not playing with dogs all day.”

Canine Influenza is a very contagious disease, especially for dogs at places like kennels, says Dr. Amy Anderson at the West Fargo Animal Hospital.

Anderson says she hasn’t seen a local dog flu case in the last two years, and kennels pride themselves on being a safe place for pets.

At Doggy Depot in Moorhead, they haven’t had an outbreak of canine flu in the nearly 11 years they’ve been open.

In fact, when any of their dogs show signs of being sick, they separate them to protect the rest of the pack.

“Watch them for a few minutes. If we think they’re coughing, vomiting we usually get a hold of the owner right away,” Black explains.

Dog flu symptoms are similar to other illnesses, like kennel cough.

“You’re gonna see coughing, lethargy, they’re gonna have a fever,” says Dr. Anderson. “With dogs, what you usually see is them lying around.”

If untreated, dog flu can affect your furry friend for up to two weeks.

Vets recommend you bring your dog in.

Treatments can help your dog heal faster.

“We’re gonna use cough suppressants,” Dr. Anderson explains. “Oftentimes we use antibiotics.”

So even if the dog flu hits, you can help get your four–legged companion back up and running in no time.

But, veterinarians say it’s important to let your dog rest if it’s sick.

That means no walks or playing with a ball in the yard.

Dogs don’t know any better, and they can easily overexert themselves.

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