Doing for Others: Afro American Development Association Smashing Barriers, Building Unity

A student at M–state has created a non–profit helping new Americans settle in the FM area.

Hukun Abdullahi knows first–hand the struggles of adjusting to life in America and now he’s helping others do just that.

Hukun was born in Somalia.

He moved to the U.S. back in 2014 to be reunited with his mother.

Experiencing the culture shock of adjusting to life in America, Hukun started a nonprofit to help others do just that.

“To help them understand without a car without anybody we can help them and show them the resources,” said Hukun.

The Afro American Development Association helps new Americans learn basic life skills things like how to ride the bus, build credit and look for a job.

“Many have never seen a computer, they don’t have a resume, they don’t have anything,” said Hukun.

He says many come to America with no clue on how the job system works.

“You tell them what kind of job are you looking for? They say anything they don’t have that type of capability to say ‘hey I want that job’,” said Hukun.

“Not only does the Afro American Development Association help new Americans, it is also works in collaboration with the Somali Elder’s Society.

The two associations work together to help Somalians integrate in the community.

Helping put to an end to discrimination, violence and bring unity for all.

“We have been meeting and sharing ideas and we are collaborating always. In collaboration day and night us of Somali community and Afro American,” said Abdullahl Noor President of the Somlai Elders Society.

Since starting the non–profit Hukun has helped more than 100 new Americans resettle in the FM Area.

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