UND Alumni Making a Name in Aerial Mapping

A small business in Grand Forks is making a name for itself in the field of aerial mapping.

Field of View was founded by UND alumni David Dvorak and Kaci Lemler.

The company is one out of a hundred in the “Small Business Revolution,” which spotlights compelling entrepreneurs across the nation.

Field Of View engineers and sells both cameras and software to aerial survey companies.

CEO Dvorak explains how their technology works.

“When plants get stressed they reflect light differently in both visible bands – what we can see – and in near–infrared – just past what we can see.  We have specialty cameras that are able to see that and then we build the device to help trigger the camera and log where that camera was where it took the picture.”

The business has been slowly growing over the past few years with the ever–growing presence of drones.

The company looks to grow ever faster in the near future when federal regulations on drones relaxes even further.

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