West Fargo Fire Dept. Sees Dramatic Increase in Calls

West Fargo Fire Department has seen a 63 percent increase in calls.
With the growing population, that number is expected to only increase.

They got 379 calls for service in 2015.

The Fire Chief tells me to handle the increase; each firefighter has to respond to 25 percent of all calls.

This way all calls are split fairly among the crew.

The station says it will need to hire more people, but as to how many and when is still unknown.

“If we don’t do anything now the numbers are already going up for population and if we don’t increase the number of volunteer firefighters with the population then it starts going down and we don’t know what the exact number is going to work for us,” says West Fargo Fire Chief, Dan Fuller.
And there is good news in the report.

It shows that there were no fire deaths or fire-related injuries in 2015.

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