Liberty Middle School Students Best In State According to Verizon

A group of six students in West Fargo has been selected as best in the state as a part of the Verizon Innovative App Challenge, but they need your help to be selected as Best in the Nation.

Homework might be the most–hated part of school life, but some students have designed an app for that.

“SPEDT stands for Special Education Tickets,” said Taylor Bjerke, a sixth grader at Liberty Middle School.  “It would help students more than our other ideas … we thought it would be more useful.”

These students here at Liberty Middle School in West Fargo saw their classmates struggle with their homework, so they decided to use their talents to pitch in and help.

“It just seemed like lots of people weren’t getting their homework done on time and they would get into trouble by their teachers and their parents would get mad at them, so we figured we would help them,” said Maren Thurn, another student at Liberty.

“I think it might help other kids out to be educated better because they’re being rewarded and they’re also having kind of an advantage because they get their homework done on time,” said Ava Stockstad, another classmate at Liberty.

Maren explains how the app would work.  “The teacher sends out a link to the students’ homework and they can do it, and it notifies the teacher and they get rewarded with tickets … and can go to the ticket shop and pick a prize and it notifies the teacher what they won.”

Ava explains what the group has already won and what they can look forward to if they win best in the nation.

“We already won a tablet and a t–shirt and a plaque and money for our school.  We could go to Nashville to represent our app.”

The kids at Liberty Middle School need your help to win Best in the Nation.

Text SPEDT1 to 22333 to vote for their project.  Voting remains open until January 31.

If chosen as Best in the Nation, their concept would be developed into a real working app used in schools nationwide.

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