Moorhead Police Search for Hit and Run Suspect

Moorhead Police are looking for a man who fled a hit and run scene last night.

Jeffrey Dale Garten Jr, 30, of Fargo intentionally rammed his car into a police vehicle following a short pursuit last night.

About $4,000 in damage was done to the squad car.

The officer was not hurt.

Garten fled on foot and his car is currently impounded.

If you see him, call police.

“We would caution people base on his behavior of avoiding police and actually ramming his vehicle into our police car. We would ask the public not to confront him personally and to contact local law enforcement,” says Moorhead Police Lieutenant Tory Jacobson.

Garten is facing two felony charges for fleeing in a motor vehicle and second degree assault with a dangerous weapon.

Anyone with information on Garten is asked to contact Moorhead Police.

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