Time is Ticking: Job Service North Dakota Temporarily Open

After closing their doors due to lay-offs, Job Service North Dakota in Grafton has reopened, but not for long.

To cover a more than $4 million dollar funding cut, Job Service North Dakota shut down seven locations across the state, including its Grafton location.

But since job seekers continue to need help, the post is opening their doors temporarily.
“We’ll be doing outreach two times a month to all these offices that were closed so we’ll be there two days a month through April all probably at least through June,” said Keith Reitmeier of Job Service North Dakota, Grand Forks.
The funding cut comes at a time where the agency has already seen some troubling changes.
Job service representatives like Keith say the new wave of technology with people being able to apply and look for jobs online has caused a decreased demand in their services.
“We have been slowly getting smaller. This is a 10 year down trend in the number of FTE’s at job service,” said Reitmeier.

Mayor Chris West of Grafton says once the location closes permanently; it will put more of a strain on job seekers in the area.
“At a time in a person’s life where they’re maybe looking for work and don’t have a lot of money it’s a huge deal, it’s a huge deal,” said Mayor Chris West.
He says the closure will also put pressure on the town to help accommodate job seekers with the use of computers and other resources they need.
“There’s a lot of upward pressure on the communities to work through either a library or through city hall or organization to help. We don’t know what to do,” said Mayor Chris.
As they go through the downsizing process, job service employees from Grand Forks will be stationed at the Grafton location during specific hours and days.

You can find those days and times by clicking here.  

Other job service locations that will be temporarily reopening are Valley City, and Oaks.

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