Sex Trafficking Survivor to Launch New Organization to Help Survivors

Sex trafficking is a topic we’re all too familiar with in the state.

Now, sex trafficking survivor Danielle John, is sharing her dark past in hopes to raise awareness.

Not only is she continuing to bring awareness but she is helping launch a new organization to help other sex trafficking survivors.

“North Dakota is very rural, there’s not a lot of identified survivors who are speaking out,” says John.

John spent five years in the sex trade moving around all over the nation.

It wasn’t easy sharing her story at first, but now it’s become therapeutic and empowering to her.

John explains, “I feel like it has a big impact and it helps me heal every time. I feel better about myself. I don’t feel as ashamed each time I say it, I get positive outcome from people.”

John chooses to be an open book to help bring awareness about sex trafficking.

Now she’s helping launch a new organization called, “The Next Step ND,” which aims to help survivors stay strong.

John says, “To prevent them from going back. It’s a lot like addiction you know?”

Next Step is a new branch stemming from local anti–trafficking organization Voices for the Captives.

It is still very much in their early stages but organizers plan to introduce the new group next week.

“So that’s where we really want to step in. Bridge the gap of becoming successful again in life, where you can enter back into a community,” says Danny Luecke of The New Step ND.

The group says it’s partnering up with shelters in town where survivors are staying for after care.

“This is one of those areas not being touched, so that’s my personal goal with this. I think the whole group’s goal is that we’re able to help the survivors directly,” says John.

Danielle John will share her story and announce the Next Step ND at NDSU this Tuesday.

Next Step is not yet a non–profit but is still seeking donations.

Donations can be made on their website, which plans to go live Tuesday.

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