Family Homeless After South Fargo Garage Fire

Black smoke is seen pouring out of the garage of a townhouse in South Fargo.
The Fargo Fire Department responded to the fire around 1 o’clock this afternoon.

They put out the fire within 10 minutes of arriving on scene.

Officials believe it was a snowmobile that caught on fire, producing some heavy smoke.

The house has minor damage and the Red Cross is providing lodging to one adult and one child.

“We’ll make sure your smoke detector is working that’s what’s going to let you know that you are having a fire. If you’re doing work on a vehicle or something if that’s the case be cognizant of your ignition sources a lot of the time when it’s cold like this we want to have heaters around us but we do have to be careful when we’re working with that,” says Fire Marshall, Ryan Erickson.
No one was hurt. Damage costs are estimated to be around $60,000.

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