Ugly Food: Making It Last

Eating locally grown products is a trend catching on across the country and right here in Fargo.

Ugly Food of the North has been up and running for just six months. But already the group is helping connect farmers and restaurant owners, making sure eating local catches on.
Chef Brian Diumenti has only been in the FM area a few months. He moved to the metro to take over as executive chef of the Hotel Donaldson.
“The first thing you kind of search out is who’s growing something or who’s raising the pigs and the cattle and the chicken and growing our local produce,” says Hodo Executive Chef, Brian Diumenti.
Knowing where his food comes from is important to the chef. And it’s a trend that’s becoming important to more and more people.
“Food has a profound impact on the way we live our lives and also the way we use our world too,” says Ugly Food Co-founder, Megan Myrdal.
Myrdal is a co-founder of the FM’s newest sustainable food group.
“It’s a matter of just building the culture and continuing the conversation where it starts to change the culture and it becomes the norm,” says Myrdal.
The group already packed downtown’s Prairie Den for a chef panel, sparking a community conversation.
“This community is always thinking about how to improve itself how to be a better place to be a better community and when we see something that we can change what can we do together to make a change,” says Myrdal.
“If you’re a good chef and you really have that passion no matter where you go you can always find that local ingredient,” says Diumenti.
But if the FM area knows one thing, it’s how to eat and Ugly Food wants to make it last.

The group is already planning its next event which will be all about composting. For more updates and information on Ugly Food of the North click here.

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