Deadly Dog Fight Leaves Pet Owners on Edge in Grand Forks

Over the weekend a man and his dog were attacked just outside the Grand Forks Dog Park on Euclid Drive.

The man ended up killing the dog with a knife he was carrying in his pocket and was taken to the hospital. It’s a tragic ending that is putting dog owners on alert.
Whenever the temperature’s above 20 degrees, chances are you’ll find Ashley Johnson at the dog park. But worrying about another dog isn’t something that has ever crossed Johnson’s mind, until now.
“We’ve never had an issue with it I never really think about it anytime we have them out of the park they’re usually on a leash and they’re going in the car so I’ve never had a problem,” says Ashley Johnson of Grand Forks.
Police are still looking for the owner of the dog that was killed in Saturday’s dog fight. It has the dog community wondering ‘can this happen to me’?
“I wouldn’t have expected that in Grand Forks,” says Johnson.
“It sounds like a sizable dog was attacking him and it wasn’t just growling or anything like that it bit him and caused pretty significant injury,” says Lt. Bill Macki with Grand Forks PD.
“Pitbull, German Sheppard, they can bite pretty severely and you may need to be hospitalized on IV and antibiotics and rabies is another concern,” says Dr. Crystal Scott with Kindness Animal Hospital.
Another reason why police are still on the hunt for the dog’s owner.
“Witnesses tell police that when the man killed the dog he seemed very remorseful and was doing it for self-defense.”

“Whether if it’s with a kick or a stick or even mace…trying to get the other dog off your dog…there’s always a chance the other dog will turn and attack you,” says Dr. Scott.
Scott says the best way to prevent dog attacks is keeping your own dog on a well secured harness or leash.
“You know clearly that dog was not on a leash and it was just running free with the owner following behind,” says Lt. Macki.
“It’s scary but it’s kind of an isolated incident,” says Johnson.
An isolated incident that can strike with no rhyme or reason, and dog owners across the Red River Valley have to be prepared.
Dr. Scott also suggests carrying a walking stick to use to get in between the dogs. She also says you can buy an ultrasonic beeper that lets off a sound that could scare the dog off.

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