Supreme Court Refuses Abortion Law Appeal; ND’s Fetal Heartbeat Law Defeated

The Supreme Court refuses to take up an appeal of North Dakota’s “Fetal Heartbeat Law.”

The anti-abortion law was signed by Governor Dalrymple in 2013, before it was struck down by a judge.

The high court’s decision means that North Dakota officials cannot enforce the controversial heartbeat law that would’ve banned abortions as early as six weeks.

The law is said to be the earliest and most extreme abortion ban in the nation.

“With the United States Supreme Court saying that North Dakota legislators went too far, we’re very pleased that we can continue to offer our services and not to worry about unconstitutional laws anymore,” says Red River Women’s Clinic, Tammi Kromenaker.
“We’re disappointed but we’ll just keep working to save the unborn and what we can and in any instrumental fashion that we can,” says North Dakota Family Alliance Action Executive Director Tom Freier. 
Freier says, the North Dakota Family Alliance Action will continue to educate others on the pro-life movement.

Kromenaker says, the clinic will continue to fight when the care it provides is attacked.

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