Man Injures Cass County Deputy While Allegedly Resisting Arrest at Jail

A Cass County deputy is recovering after being injured during a scuffle at the jail, on Friday.
A man showed up at the jail to take a sobriety test and things got out of hand.

It all started when Deputy Thomas Behm advised Garrett Byrd that he was under arrest for an active warrant.

Byrd tried to run from the Cass County Jail lobby.

He allegedly resisted.

Multiple deputies came to assist in the arrest.

Deputy Behm dislocated his shoulder during the altercation.

“It is the first time we’ve had someone seriously injured in the course of making one of those arrests. Especially for something very minor, as for the warrant he had. It was bond-able,” says Capt. Andrew Frobig of Cass County Jail.
Byrd is facing charges for preventing arrest and assaulting a peace officer.

Deputy Behm is still making a full recovery and expected to return to work this week.

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