Ready to Run: Helping Women Make Their Mark in the Political World

If you’re a woman who has ever thought about joining the political world, you may want to check out Ready to Run.

The program, aimed to increase the number of women in office, is hosting a training course this weekend at NDSU.

With Bismarck attorney Sarah Vogel and Fargo City Commissioner Melissa Sobolik opting out of this year’s election, the seminar couldn’t have come at a better time.

Organizers of Ready to Run hope as more seats open up, more women will step up.
As the political world continues to change, the next generation of female politicians hope to make their mark.

NDSU student government Senator Amelia Pfarrer is one of those women.
“Making sure my opinion is heard. I think a lot of people shy away from that maybe still feel that women shouldn’t have a voice,” said Pfarrer.
Ready to Run North Dakota is aimed to help women do just that.

Organizers say the training will give women a realistic view on what it takes to run, but more importantly to build their confidence.
“It’s a confidence builder; chances are you’re just as qualified as a lot of other people who have decided to do this,” said Kjersten Nelson political science professor at NDSU.
Political science professors like Kjersten say the main goal of the program is to create a new role model for the next generations of politicians.
“Kids growing up see different people in different positions, and as we get more women in elected office that sends a message to the next generation,” said Nelson.
Senator Heidi Heitkamp says women need to see that their qualities have value.
“They are diverse whether it’s the school board, or serving at the PTA, or the church board. All of those experiences just being a mom, and managing schedules. Those experiences basically build the talents that are critically important to holding public office,” said Senator Heitkamp.
For future politicians like Amelia, it’s nice to see the push for a more progressive political system.
“For us it’s really nice to see it’s not just a male role anymore and seeing that more females are getting involved,” she said.
For more information on how you can register you can click here.

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