Fargo Hosts Northern Soybean Expo

The Holiday Inn in Fargo plays host to the annual Northern Soybean Expo.

The event is organized by the North Dakota Soybean Council.

The state is a global leader in the production of soybeans, harvesting nearly six million acres last year.

Most of the crop goes to China and Southeast Asia for animal feed.

The expo reviews North Dakota’s role in the global soybean revolution and addresses economic challenges in the industry.

“Our goal is just to make sure our farmers have the opportunity to engage in good dialogue with our speakers here today.  We also have researchers here from North Dakota State University, so they can visit about some of their greatest production challenges that can be addressed through research,” said Diana Beitelspacher, CEO of the North Dakota Soybean Council.

Soybeans are also used in highway paint, rubber, and paper products.

Even the turf inside the Fargodome is made with soy–based products.

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