Statewide Budget Cuts Hit NDSU

NDSU is impacted by the governor’s cuts due to a billion dollar budget shortfall.

Lawmakers are split on the decision.

Some Republicans say they would like to see deeper cuts, so that the state wouldn’t have to take money from a rainy day fund.

Democrats say they’d like the legislature to reconvene to decide which agencies should face cuts.

A Grand Forks state representative says it’s important to re-examine state funding before places like NDSU get hit with budget cuts again.

“I think we have to look at whatever the scenario is, as we look at what happens to the oil industry, to ag, to all the things we depend upon for money in the state,” says Rep. Lois Delmore.
Delmore says she would like to see the legislature meet every year, in case of a crisis like this where the Governor was forced to act without input from lawmakers.

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