Free Tax Preparation in North Dakota

It’s tax season, and people in North Dakota who need some free tax help have more options than ever this year.

North Dakota Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger stopped by West Fargo to let people know where help is available.

That’s where tax preparation volunteers with the AARP joined him.

Tax helpers with the AARP and with the IRS’s volunteer income assistance program will be at 40 different locations around the state and Western Minnesota.

“The rates are one percent lower for this year, so we’re expecting bigger refunds. Especially wage earners, who may have had the same withholding, may have bigger refunds, so we’re preparing for that and expecting that,” said Rauschenberger.

If you’re elderly, disabled or low to moderate income, you probably qualify for their free help.

Check out the North Dakota tax department website for information about locations and booking an appointment.

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