Moorhead Police Investigate Business Burglary Spree

Moorhead police are searching for a suspect connected to a spree of business burglaries.
Police say a handful of businesses along 30th Avenue South in Moorhead were hit.

Moorhead police say nothing from the businesses that were broken into has been reported stolen and one business owner I spoke to says that was a huge relief.

Police responded to a burglary alarm at State Farm Insurance and Reading Therapy Center just after six Sunday morning.

Gail Jordhal of State Farm Insurance says she’s glad that just a few things need to be fixed rather than replaced.
“We found a broken window, and found my door had been tampered with and thank goodness nothing was missing. Nothing was taken,” said Gail.
An hour later, police say they got another call from Moorhead Church of Christ just a few blocks away where another attempted burglary took place.

After searching the area, they also found that Johnson and Johnson Insurance was also broken into.

Moorhead Police say each business was broken into almost the exact same way.
“A rock was used, thrown through a window so it’s the same on each of the burglaries involved here. So were assuming that the responsible parties are one in the same for all these burglaries,” said Lt. Brad Penas.
Gail says it is times like these, that installing the alarm system was worth it.
“We actually put it to good use, and it did scare off the person who was breaking in and entering,” said Gail.
Moorhead Police say installing an alarm system is one of the ways businesses can avoid the worst.
“Obviously that helps us get to the scene quickly, usually helps the intruder know, what a minute I need to leave, it protects your property.” said Lt. Penas.
The investigation continues. If you have any information, you’re asked to contact police.

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