Former Sub at DGF Schools Accused of Sex with Student

The child sex charges against Tara Nichols, of Glyndon, have created an uproar in her community.

The criminal charges against Tara Nichols say school officials here found out about her conduct when a parent reported her high schooler had gotten inappropriate messages and texts from Nichols.

Investigators found, after talking with the boy, she’d had sex with him in the back seat of her Yukon out in the rural parts of the county at least twice.

He was 17 at the time, court documents allege.

Investigators allege other boys reported similar behavior from Nichols, but only one so far has been a minor.

Parents here are upset, even if they’re sure their sons weren’t among the victims.

They say it’ll make for some tough conversation around the dinner table tonight with their families, even when they’re sure their sons weren’t amongst those allegedly targeted by Nichols.

“Yes, I was very surprised to hear about it. That’s so sad to hear. I hadn’t heard about it yet,” said Kathleen Shasky, whose son is a 17-year-old at the high school. “I’m very disappointed to hear about something like this happening. This is such a good school, I really enjoy having Jacob here.”

School officials tell us Nichols resigned almost immediately upon their report to law enforcement about the alleged incidents.

A man who answered the door at her Glyndon home said they would not comment on the situation.

Nichols’s page says she also volunteers with the local chapter of Boy Scouts and also was a foster parent for Cass County some time ago.

She’s due in court in April.

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