New York Flavor Comes To Fargo: Bagel Style

It’s a bagel boom in Fargo with a brand new shop just in its first week of business.

In just 15 minutes, the clock will strike ten o’clock, and once the doors of Bernbaum’s open for business customers will be there, taste buds waiting.
“Most people are really excited about what we’re doing here, a lot of people maybe the older generation it’s a little too much hustle and bustle for them,” says Brett Bernath, Bernbaum’s co-owner.

The bagel shop is inspired from the mom and pop shops of lower east side of New York and now it’s made its home in Fargo.
“It’s very much more of a metropolis kind of shop, not something you would expect in Fargo, and Andrea has always been ahead of the curve,” says Bernath.
“And I just think it’s wonderful to see things that you would only see in places like New York City or San Francisco here in Fargo small restaurants love it,” says Cathy Scheibe of LaMoure, North Dakota.
“The bagel shop sits in a corner of the owner’s already existing vintage shop.”
“Even with Mid Mod Mad Haus, I was ahead of the curve,” says Bernath.
Bernath had extra space in his shop and considered renting the space to another dealer.  Instead, he asked his wife if she wanted it.
“She took it right away.  Didn’t even sleep on it,” says Bernath.
Bernbath’s wife, Andrea Baumgardner, opened the original HoDo in Fargo. She brought the Fargo food culture to life and continues to keep it interesting. Bernbaum’s features Jewish and Icelandic dishes.
“Being it from Fargo and that Scandinavian culture that Icelandic food sometimes gets overshadowed by other foods, but it’s really yummy so I like that,” says Cora Bollinger of Fargo.
“A lot of smoke and cured meats and fishes, pickled everything, she sources everything from her connections with all of the local ranchers and growers,” says Bernath.
The hours can get long. By 1:00 today, Brett Bernath expects the bagels to be sold out and another night of baking begins

“Andrea is doing about 16 hour days right now. I’m doing 12 because I’m trying to manage our son,” says Bernath.
But this foodie couple wouldn’t have it any other way.
Bernbaum’s Store Hours:

Wed – Sat: 10 AM – 5 PM

Sun: 10 AM – 4 PM

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