New Taxes on Cigarettes for North Dakota?

Smokers in North Dakota could be looking at a spike in tobacco prices in the months to come.

The Secretary of State has approved a petition for a ballot measure that could quadruple the tax on cigarettes.

In the past, retailers have successfully fought attempts to raise the state’s tobacco tax but this time around, the measure’s fate will be in the hands of voters.

The petition introduced by The Raise It for Health North Dakota Coalition is looking to up the state’s current $.44 cigarette tax to just over $1.70 a pack.

Tax on otherĀ  tobacco products would increase up to 58 percent.

“Raising the prices on tobacco is one of the most effective ways to reduce smoking, and other tobacco use, especially among youth. We have the facts and data to show that it works,” said Kristie Wolff, Program Manager of the North Dakota Chapter of the American Lung Association.

That last time tobacco taxes were increased in North Dakota was in 1993.

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