Thrivent Mutual Funds Donates to Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Building Project

An organization donates $300,000 to Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch’s Hope.

Thrivent Mutual Funds contributes to the Heartland Campaign, to help fund the Fargo campus construction.

This donation will go to build the nutrition center.

The center will serve as a multi-purpose area for children to eat, learn and socialize.

On a daily basis this building will serve nearly 40 kids.

“This is our hope this morning. It’s not just about this gift, it’s about helping others and inspiring others to be generous, is what our hope is this morning. We’re just excited to see what this impact will have on the future,” says Paul Aslakson of Thrivent Mutual Funds.
The building is to be named Thrivent Mutual Fund Nutrition Center.

It will open September 22.

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