ND GOP Convention Comes to a Close

The North Dakota GOP comes to an end as we inch closer to the primary election.

Twenty-five wildcard delegates were chosen, which could play a big role in the Republican primary election.

Two big highlights at the convention were the national delegates being selected and Doctor Ben Carson rallying support for a controversial candidate.

Congressman Kevin Cramer introduced the man with the “gifted hands”, Dr. Carson, who spoke on behalf of Donald Trump.

North Dakotans gave him a warm welcome as this is Dr. Carson’s first trip to the cold north.

“Prior to coming to this event, I had visited 49 states and now it’s 50. We saved the best for last,” says Carson.

For one hot moment, Carson touched on his supporting stance with Trump’s position against abortions.

Carson shares, “No one can ever convince me that something in a mother’s womb is a meaningless mass of cell.”

As if the they couldn’t get enough of him, Dr. Carson revved up the crowd with a President Teddy Roosevelt quote in regards to Islamic terrorism.

Carson quotes, “Anybody who wants to come here any country, any religion, any race is welcome, as long as they want to be American, if they follow our rules and accept our constitution.”

Following the keynote speaker, delegates were going to vote on national delegate nominations, but there was a small hiccup.

A new wave of requests came crashing in when other delegates wanted nominated delegate candidates to voluntarily announce their presidential preferences.

But Lieutenant Governor Drew Wrigley and former Governor Ed Schafer helped turn the tide by opposing the motion.

“I think it’s just fundamental to say to folks, that I’m going to support you to be a delegate or I’m not based on the idea that I think you’ll be a good representative for us,” says Wrigley.

55% of delegates stood behind Wrigley and Schafer, shutting down the request.

The convention went on to collect ballots and it took hours to count hundreds of votes.

From a list of 74 nominations, 25 national delegates were finally selected.

A majority of the national delegates are going for Ted Cruz.

These delegates will be heading to Cleveland for the Republican National Convention in July.

Selected National Delegates of North Dakota:

Rick Becker
Jack Dalrymple
Shane Goettle
Wayne Stenejhem
Jim Poolman
Dick Dever
Better Grande
Wesley Belter
David Hogue
Jessica Unruh
Betsy Dalrymple
Ben Koppleman
Rosoe Streyle
Mark Owens
Gary Emineth
Janne Myrdal
John Trandem
Clare Carlson
Scott Louser
John Olson
Daniel Traynor
James Kerian
Judy Estensen
Kelly Schmidt
Bob Wefald

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