Card Skimming Scam: Police Arrests Four Kentucky Men

Four men are behind bars for allegedly having ties to a card skimming scheme in Fargo.
Police made the arrests Thursday at a local hotel.

Police have been investigating this card skimming scam since January.

They believe that the group may be involved in a multi-state credit card skimming operation.
Yunior Quesada, Taylon Garcia, Yorjan Castillo and Yoel Perez are all from Louisville, Kentucky.

They are all facing charges of conspiring to unlawfully skim credit, debit or electronic payment cards.

This means that at least $10,000 were forged or counterfeit.

Police recovered 2 credit card skimming devices, laptop computers and several gifts cards.

These gift cards were magnetically re-encoded to use victim’s credit card information.

At least 17 victims have come forward.

“Obviously, just because we made these four arrests doesn’t mean that this illegal activity is going to stop,” says Lt. Joe Anderson of Fargo Police.
Anderson says that the financial crimes have increased in the past few years.

But will it continue to rise?

Anderson adds, “Fraud and money crimes, I think it’s going to be more reoccurring in this area. As we go on, if people think that it’s this easy to get money, I think we’ll see it more often. “
Because the FBI is looking into this, the feds may take over the case.

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