Young Entrepreneurs: West Fargo High School Students Create T-Shirt Line

One group of students at West Fargo High have become young entrepreneurs.

The t-shirt line “UpNorth Apparel” started up with just over 90 t-shirts and due to popular demand the team is already looking at reordering and expanding.

A t-shirt line that was simply just a project idea for their DECA business and marketing class has now turned 16 West Fargo High School students into young entrepreneurs.
“The idea we probably started talking about mid-February, and it all became a reality by mid-march,” said Caroline Crary DECA Advisor.
With the help of their advisor Caroline Crary, and a whole lot of team work “UpNorth Apparel” has officially become a trademarked brand.
“We knew we wanted to do some kind of apparel item, and we didn’t want to limit it just to West Fargo High School,” said Libby Bahr Senior West Fargo High.
The t-shirts are currently being sold at a store at the school, and online.

Each t-shirt is priced at 28 dollars.

The profits are shared between the students, but they say that isn’t the most rewarding part.
“My favorite part is watching people actually come in the store, and liking the shirt, and wearing them at school. You see people wearing them every day that’s kind of a good feeling, makes you feel like you did something good,” said Bennett Benson Senior at West Fargo High.
Not only is the young group of entrepreneurs building a brand that could potentially last for years to come; they’re also giving back.
five percent of each purchased t-shirt is being donated to a charity.
“When somebody purchases a t-shirt they can choose what charity they want their portion of the shirt to be donated to,” said Libby.
The students say they hope that this is just the beginning of a brand that could potentially make them into successful businessmen,  and women in the years to come.
“Sky is the limit for us, I guess I don’t have the highest of expectations, you can’t really let yourself down, but I think we could go as big as we want with this,” said Bennett.
The group is already having talks with local boutiques in the area looking to sell the apparel.

You can find the official website for UpNorth Apparel by clicking here.

Brittany Ford KVRR News.

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