Fit for Kings: Fans Welcome Home UND…WEB EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: Not Even a Hat Escapes Cam Johnson’s Clutches

The UND men’s hockey team returns home after clinching their 8th NCAA title and ending a 16-year battle for the top spot.

The team was welcomed back to Grand Forks with cheers and smiles, as fans congratulated players on the big win.

Players tell me they have the best fans in the world and as fans stormed the streets of downtown Grand Forks last night, a few extra police were called in for back up.
 It was a greeting fit for kings and to the fans of this men’s UND hockey team royalty is what these players are.
“I couldn’t believe it I thought it was a dream I kind of had to pinch myself,” says Alex Berger of Grand Forks. 
Alex was just one of a hundred fans welcoming the players.

And as the plane came in for a landing players say it felt good to be home.
“Our pilot got on the intercom and told us we were going to have a nice surprise here so that was really cool to see,” says UND goalie, Cam Johnson.
And as fans eagerly waited to get their autographs signed at the airport other fans celebrated last night in a different way.
“It was like Mardi Gras on 3rd Street after the win,” says Co-owner of Joe Black’s Bar, Joe Schneider.
Spirits were high and so were the calls for police service.
“While it’s quiet now, this intersection last night was filled with 300 to 500 people all to celebrate the hockey team’s victory.”
“When they saw that the calls were going up that’s when they called some people back,” says Grand Forks Patrol Sgt, Kevin Kallinen.
Six additional police officers were called in responding to everything from a flipped car, broken fence and a shattered rear view mirror.
“I’ve been in this for 20 years it’s the most insane atmosphere I’ve ever been a part of in my whole life,” says Schneider.
And while Joe is running on three hours of sleep and still finishing some cleaning he’s extending an invite to the team after player Nick Schmaltz says he’s coming to Joe Blacks.
“I’ll buy him a drink if he comes down, I’ll buy the whole team one as long as they’re 21 of course,” says Schneider.
The Grand Forks Police Department is asking anyone who has information about last night’s criminal activity to contact them.

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