Do Your Job Rally: Protestors Hit Sen. Hoeven’s Office

Some community members are against Senator Hoeven’s opposition to taking action on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.
The group is rallying outside the senator’s Fargo office urging him to quote, “Do Your Job”.

“The Do Your Job” rally is a way some people in the area are hoping to call out Senator Hoeven.

They say waiting until after the election to select a new Supreme Court justice is simply unconstitutional.

The 2016 presidential race has some GOP leaders, like Senator John Hoeven, wanting to postpone the hearings reviewing the Supreme Court Justice nominee proposed by President Obama.

A decision that will ultimately fill the vacancy left by late Justice Scalia.

Protestors say there is no time to wait.
“What they’re doing is wasting time, and wasting the court’s precious resources, there’s only so many cases they’ll take in a particular year,” said Local Activist Terry Jones.
Jones says whether Hoeven votes in favor of current nominee Judge Merrick Garland or not, a vote needs to be taken.
“Then vote him down, but at least give a vote that’s the North Dakota way, that’s the way we do things we do the right thing,”said Jones.
In a statement regarding the issue, Senator Hoeven has expressed that he will meet with Judge Garland as a courtesy, but he does not support his confirmation to the Supreme Court”
“Who am I? I’m John Hoeven’s worse nightmare,” said Robert Marquette.
Robert Marquette, a Libertarian candidate in the race for North Dakota U.S. Senate, says he wants Hoeven to do more than just do his job.
“It’s a little it to expect John Hoeven to do something, I’m here to tell John Hoeven that I expect him to lose his job,” said Marquette.
Other protestors say it’s about proving a point.
“He’s not voting for the people, he’s not doing the job we elected him to do,” said Jill Olson of the Fargo Machinist Union.
Under the U.S. constitution, the president does have the right to appoint a justice, but the U.S. Senate also has the right to consent or not.

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