What You Need To Know To Enjoy Red River Valley Fair

It’s opening day at the Red River Valley Fair!
What’s new? What are people excited for? And what do you need to know to have a great time?
We’ll tell you about all the fun stuff going on this week.

But we’ve also got some advice to ensure nothing gets in the way of the food, fun and festivities.
“I come here every year and I can’t wait every single time,” says teenage fair-goer Austin Lanigan.
But before you head out to the fairgrounds for a good time, a couple ground rules.

Namely, the ground is soaking wet from rain, so watch out.
“They’re pretty sloppy. Use common sense when you go in those parking lots,” warns Sgt. Jade Van Den Einde with the Cass County Sheriff’s Department.
There’s construction heading into the fairgrounds this year.

Taxis are being rerouted around the main entrance, and workers will guide cars in.
Sgt. Van Den Einde adds, “Don’t try to turn left when they’re telling you to turn right, and everything will go smooth, hopefully.”
But once you’re in, it’s a cornucopia of rides, games, and that famous fair food.
“Corn dogs and fries,” recommends Audrey Miller, “and mainly the lemonade that they have here.”
Her friend Anna Lamb of Harwood adds, “My favorite food is the corn dogs.”
Once you’ve been fed, you can burn some of that energy off on the rides.
“I like it when they spin and they go around,” adds young Kaylee Singleton.
There’s a new ride in town this year, the XXL, built in Italy.
It’s been popular from the get-go, with lines stretching before the ride even opened.
The fair is a place where generations can come together, and grandparents can feel the same age as their grand kids.
“Oh yeah, makes you feel younger,” says grandfather Pete Bertzyk of West Fargo. “They don’t listen just like I used to.”
The rides and games and food are just part of the show.

There’s animal shows, nightly concerts, racing this Sunday, which is a brand new event for the fair.

You can find a full list of events at this link.