Bail is set at $10,000 for the man accused of moving his dead girlfriend’s body, then leaving the area.

Joseph Griemann made his initial court appearance on July 13.

He has a history of charges including domestic assault, drug sales, theft and concealing his identity when first contacted regarding this case.

Griemann is being held for charges related to the death of Casey Schulte.

An autopsy reveals she hung herself.

Casey’s mother is concerned about Griemann’s cooperation if he were able to be released.

“There’s a side to people that we don’t always get to see. Somebody’s criminal record could be indicative of those things and I think that today we got to see a little bit of his past but I’m not sure we got to see all of it,” says Casey’s Mother, Shelly Elkington.

For $1,000 Griemann could be released. Casey’s mother tells me she was disappointed by that.

“It’s my firm belief that Mr. Griemann has not been truthful about what happened the night before and the day he allegedly found her,” says Elkingston.

She says she is thankful the Fargo Police Department is keeping her updated in the investigation, and she doesn’t know where the case will go from here.