St. Cloud Man Arrested for Not Reporting Suicide in Fargo

A St. Cloud man was jailed Monday night for failure to report a death and willful disturbance of a dead body.

Last August, Joseph Grieman moved his girlfriend’s body in Fargo after discovering she had committed suicide, and then went on a drive without reporting it.

He was pulled over for speeding and only then informed law enforcement about what had happened.

Grieman was just arrested on the charge since he had been in jail in Minnesota since April on a probation violation.

“It would have been in his best interest to stay put and report the crime, or report the incident to law enforcement and let us come and investigate whether or not an actual crime has committed or not versus it be a suicide or a suspicious death or a potential homicide,” said Fargo Deputy Police Chief Joe Anderson.

If you do find yourself in this situation, police say to call 9–1–1 immediately.