Firearm Auction Held by Cass County Sheriff’s Office

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office held its second annual firearm auction today at the Law Enforcement Center.

After its trial run last year, the Cass County Sheriff’s Office Auction is in full force.

The auction room is full with buyers from all over the area coming to get a steal.

The products on sale include pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, knives, air guns, and to top it all off there were over 90 solid oak chairs and at least a dozen tables.

Some of the products sell for as little as a dollar, a few people walk away with dollar sets of chairs, dollar knives, even a dollar machete.

Seeing as the police are running the auction you can be sure security is tight.

Auction coordinator Corporal Jeff Olson says, “We have the individuals’ information of the successful bidders. Those background checks will now be conducted and we will contact the purchaser at a later time to come and get those firearms if they’re approved.”

Not everyone is here for personal buys though.

The auction attracts local gun dealers looking for a good deal on product.

“We picked up four units today. It worked out pretty well for us. It was nice to see they had a good turnout,” says Tyler Sletten with Lone Tree Shooting Supply.

After the sale ended there are still some items like these chairs and these tables left over but overall Corporal Olson says the auction was a success.

“Sold everything but the tables we would have liked to have gotten rid of the tables, but it was a very successful sale.” Olson says, “We did get a rid of a lot of the chairs and it’s good to see some of this stuff being repurposed and somebody using it again.”

All of the proceeds from the event go back to the sheriff’s office for new supplies and equipment so not only are buyers getting a great deal, they’re also giving back to their public service officers.

“You know it’s a great time to come out and support law enforcement. I know sometimes the news these days isn’t so good for those guys but they’re there in our corner so it’s nice to get out there and support them too,” Sletten says.

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office says they’ll be holding another auction next year.

The Sheriff’s Office hasn’t determined exactly what they’re going to do with the almost 30 chairs and stockpile of tables yet.

It’s very possible they’ll still be up for grabs next year.